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What makes our coaching team different than the rest? Countless hours of training to be the best we can be while providing you the best learning experience possible. Not only do our coaches teach you the best elements of Krav Maga available with our extensive AKMI curriculum, but you will often see them on the mat training alongside you. Come see for yourself what makes AKMI the best in the industry.


Here at Alpha Krav Maga International, our team of coaches are not what you would call “Weekend Warriors”, meaning they learned what they are teaching you at a weekend seminar. Our coaches have spent countless hours, days, months, and years in gaining the knowledge to provide you a fun and safe environment in which to learn and grow. Heck, they even get on the mat and train along side you from time to time and they don’t dread it; they thrive on it!

We are not one of those schools where the instructor is out of shape and can’t perform the techniques properly. Here at AKMI, we have a policy of continued education that each and every one of our coaches must adhere to. They have to pass rigorous tests in order to be certified by Alpha Krav Maga International and they are PROUD of it! They are certified through our Board of Directors, who often participate in the sessions themselves. So if you see Sam Sade himself training beside you, don’t be surprised!

With more than 100 coaches in our program, there are too many to list; but we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our newest Alpha Krav Maga Black Belts, who passed their test earlier this year:

Sam Sade – 7th Dan / Bert Witte – 4th Dan / George Buruian – 4th Dan / Dennis Amato – 3rd Dan

First Dan – John Tiano, Dave Gerber, Steve Sohn, Il Nam Yang, Bob Zacharias, Jack Marshall, Walter Cardwell, Diana Azikram, Doug Paik, Tom Howanic, Ivan Rios, Patrick Carty, Bradley Medieros, James Blake

We pride ourselves in being the best we can be on a daily basis. Now, nobody is perfect; but our coaches are on a quest to be their best! Try at class at one of our locations and you will see exactly what we mean.

See you on the mat!

Our Coaches

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