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Who We Are

Alpha Krav Maga International (AKMI) was founded in 2013 by 7th Dan Black Belt / Head Coach Sam Sade. Coach Sade, who worked for another prominent Krav Maga organization, was fed up with teaching Self-Defense techniques that he knew were not the most practical and ran the risk of students getting hurt, should they use them in a violent encounter. It was then that he decided to form AKMI, now known as the Leader in Practical Self-Defense. Let our team of coaches teach you the “Correct Way” to get home safe each night. Visit a school near you for more information and to schedule your first class.

Sam Sade
Master Instructor / Head Coach / Founder

What We Do

Here at Alpha Krav Maga International, we specialize in group and private training to teach you and your family the techniques that will help you grow and keep you safe. Whether you want to get in great shape, learn to defend yourself and your loved ones, or you just want to break your normal routine; we have a program for you. We teach people of all backgrounds, skill levels, shapes and sizes. Our system helps you to defend yourself if you are in a violent situation of any kind. We are experts in children/adult training that builds confidence and overall awareness. Want to be efficient in your life? Then train with us and get your self-defense, fitness and fun so you make the most of your time!

Coaches Jack Marshall, Dennis Amato, Jim Klauba, Jamie Arute with Head Coach Sam Sade

Are you concerned that society is more violent?

Be prepared, not scared! People that are training and feeling more confident are less concerned about freezing in a violent encounter, whether at a sporting event, public transportation, jogging/walking, at a social event on travel outside the country, in a parking garage and more. Being bullied at school? We can help your child build the confidence they need to stand up to bullies.

Are you and your family safe in an attack?

Let our customized Self-Defense programs teach you and your family the techniques to feel confident and secure in your ability to protect yourselves in a bad situation. Give the gift of confidence today. In real life, you react how you train – come train with the best today!

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Alpha Krav Maga Blue Line provides Police Officers with the necessary tools they need to stay safe on the job. Join Blue Line today! 

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